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*Copying components is not supported on Safari.
Please use a supported browser.

*Monthly accounts are limited to 150 components per month. Customers may request a reset which is subject to usage reviews. Yearly accounts are unlimited.

*Collections are our set sub-library of components (eg. FlowUI, Sera, Haus) as a member, you can download the full premium files from their component pages.

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Copying components is not supported on Safari.
Please use a supported browser.

*Monthly accounts are limited to 150 components per month. Customers may request a reset which is subject to review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

So how does it work again?

Once you're a member, browse through our huge library of premium Webflow Components with the ability to instantly copy the component to your clipboard, and into Webflow. Customise the components and seamlessly integrate them into your own products to save literally hours of work. Tons of layout variation, styles and all the bits and pieces to help you get projects live.

Can we cancel our subscription?

Oh absolutely, just visit your account settings and cancel your subscription at any time! It's not a break up, just some time to ourselves. Please note, although you will lose access to the library, anything you have built, will, of course not be impacted! You can learn more about cancellations via this link -

*Are there any limitations?

Just a few... We'll start with the most important...

(1) In order to protect our product and prevent misuse, monthly accounts are limited to 150 component copies. To reset this count, you can use our live chat function and request a reset for review. Please ensure you understand and acknowlege the below note...

Components are created to be used on demand, and when needed only.  Excessive copying of components is and will be detected by our system, and taken seriously. Misuse of our product through storing/hoarding components externally will result in access being removed. Please respect us as fellow creators, this service takes thousands of hours to create.

(2) Safari is not supported for our copy paste functionality, but basically every other browser is... It's apple, we swear, maybe we'll talk to them...

(3) Accounts are limited to a single user. You may not share or distribute your account with others and we reserve the right to ban you from our service if detected. If you have purchased a yearly account membership, your account can be accessed via an additional IP/user. So you may share this with a team mate.

(4) Components cannot be distributed to others in any form. This refers to the direct transfer of a component, or including a component in a publically accessible format. Please respect our team of fellow creators and help ensure the integrity of our service. Learn about our licence

How often are new components added?

New components will be added multiple times each month, with bigger releases coming every now and then. Check back every few days as our team delivers something new. You can also submit requests which get added to our working list.

We actually listen to them, so if you care, we care, drop us a line.

Can I use these for client projects and my own commercial projects?

Yes! You can use our components to build basically anything. Our license gives you permission to build as many of your own projects or client projects as you like. Components however, cannont be distributed to other creators in any means, or made publically accessible in a way that could impact our product.

Can I sell/give away templates I build with Flowbase components?

No, you cannot use Flowbase Components to create derivative products like themes, UI kits, page builders or anything else where you would be repackaging and redistributing our assets for someone else to use to build their own sites. Learn about the licence here

Are the premium templates included in the subscription?

Premium templates are sold invidivually and must be purchased directly through as our official template partner. Check out all our work on their marketplace.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for digital goods. Please ensure you are 100% confident in your purchase. All products include live previews and If you need additional details about a product please contact us prior to purchase.

Reminder, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We cannot provide refunds for subscriptions that have not been cancelled or used. Please ensure you cancel these when not in use.