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General Enquiry

I accidently made changes to a template, how can I restore or get a new copy?

If you've made some changes to a template that you're unhappy with, or you would just like fresh, clean version you can do so in a few ways.

(a) Firstly, you could restore your current template to the original version through the backup and restore system. Access this through the settings wheel on the left, you will see various version history here.

(b) Alternatively, you can enter the new project modal inside of webflow to claim a new copy. Here you can see your purchased templates, just below the blank project option. Click on the template you require here, and select that you will be using it for the same product or client. This will give you a new copy of the template you require!

Is it possible to get the template working files?

It sure is! Please note that these are reserved for our premium template customers. Simply send an email to and quote your reference number eg. (Webflow Ref.: 5e82c5c10a61360529a33od3 Otto).

We will provide you with a direct link to download the template Figma File (.fig) which will allow you to easily open and edit the templates working files. Figma will also allow you to easily export all graphics/vectors.

Do you offer custom services & development?

We don't offer custom services as this stage. As our business continues to grow, we will look at ways to expand our service offerings. One day you will see agency based services here, but for now we're on our mission.

Can I use the free cloneables without any licence or mention?

All cloneables are licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain License. In other words, you can copy (clone) it, edit it and use it freely for personal or commercial work. Please note, cloneable projects may contain graphics of real products, trademarks or other intellectual property owned by someone else. These graphics are licenses on the basis of editorial use only. After cloning a project with these graphics it is your responsibility to consider whether your use of these graphics requires a clearance and if it does, you must obtain that clearance from the intellectual property rights owner.

You can not compile our cloneables to create a similar or competing service.

Where is the best place to learn how to use Webflow?

There are a number of places that could get you started on your journey with Webflow. The most common and recommended place to start your learning is the Webflow University. Here you will find detailed descriptions on webflow features, along with full length courses that introduce you to the basics.

Our recommendations:

Webflow 101 Crash Course
Pixelgeek Youtube


Frequently asked questions

Any questions, feel free to contact us

I havn't recieved my component yet?

Upon purchase you will recieve a confirmation email along with the downloadable figma resource. Some customers may also recieve partner promotion information depending on their purchase.

Your webflow files will be provided to you within 48 hours of the purchase. Please note that these are a manual transfer and must be completed and confirmed by our team. Rest assured we will make all efforts to provide you these asap.

Important: You must ensure your account has space to recieve new projects. Free / Starter accounts are limited to 2 projects and this will impact the speed in which you recieve your order.

How do we get figma files for a template?

The primary difference between the packages, is the inclusion of version updates and templates. Professional & Team customers can request the updated files which may include new components, sections & templates.

- Figma / Webflow
Professional - Figma / Webflow / Updates / Templates
Team - Figma / Webflow / Updates / Templates / Multiple Users

Do you offer custom services?

Product updates are reserved for our professional and team account customers.

If you are an owner of these products, you can request an updated version by emailing our team at along with your proof of purchase.

You can also follow Tom on twitter for early announcements and insights

Please ensure you include a proof of purchase from the Flowbase store, and allow our team some time to prepare this for you.

Please note you may only request updates once a new version has been published