Brand Update

This is just a friendly note to say we're rolling out updates over the next few weeks and to expect some changes around here. If you notice any issues, we'll get back to your right away support(at)

Building a new brand for a new era.

Today, we're starting the launch of our new brand. You might have already noticed that we have a new shiny logo, a fresher set of colors and a new typeface!

Over the next few weeks we will be updating our existing content to our new brand standards. Truthfully, we have thousands of brand touchpoints that require updating so please bear with us while we get these updated. If you notice old branding on a component, or within a description, rest assured this will be updated shortly!

We will also be rolling out a complete website & UI refresh over the next few weeks. Any UI updates you see today are temporary while we get everything ready for deployment. The good news is, new products are coming each week and that won't change!

Special thanks to all our customers and supporters - we've been working with the webflow community for over 4 years now, and we couldn't be happier about the passionate community that has formed around a shared love of webflow and creating.

With our new brand, we enter a new phase of flowbase. We're bigger and stronger than ever and we can't wait for you to engage with our new vibe over here.